Chivalry is not dead…

It’s just making a come back.

The Chivalry Club is an exclusive fraternal club for socializing, networking, and exciting events for the gentlemen of the DC Metro Area.

“In short, that’s what chivalry is — a choice. The choice to do the right things, for the right reasons, at the right times.”-Chivalry Today

Are you still curious about what it takes to become a part of our Chivalry Club?

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Cigar Night


Love a good quality cigar? The Chivalry Club hosts cigar nights throughout the DMV area. We bring you unique, top-quality cigars to try out and recommend the best drink pairings.

 Bourbon & Whiskey Night


A good whiskey tastes even better in the company of friends! If you’re a whiskey enthusiast, you’ll find plenty of high quality drinks at our tasting events and even better comradery!



We understand how rough the dating scene can be. The Chivalry Club can make it easier! If you’re still trying to find the “One,” fill out one of our matchmaking application forms, and we’ll do the rest!



“Keula Binelly events are filled with interesting people,"fascinating conversations, great food, and meaningful connections. If you’re fortunate enough to be invited, I highly recommend being a part of the social network!" ~ Eric Miller