Keula brings extraordinary enthusiasm”

and passion to everything she does. She has developed an awesome network community that promotes positivity while celebrating uniqueness. -Michael Lilly


“My friend Keula always has great events,

Whether is Gold Cup, New Years Eve, a Valentine’s Soiree or boating related they are always first class and you can always expect to have a great time.” -Bill Mountjoy


Keula Binelly events are filled with interesting people,"

“fascinating conversations, great food, and meaningful connections. If you’re fortunate enough to be invited, I highly recommend being a part of the social network!" - Eric Miller


“Hi Keula,

Years ago, you catered my daughters birthday. Now I see this very interesting group you’ve been running. You are an amazing business woman and very kind from what I remember. I just wanted to tip my hat to you for your good work! Impressive Keula”

Best, -Victor


“Hi Keula -- wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeting and talking with you last week -- you are a bundle of positive energy -- and I think you have a great thing going and I look forward to coming to many of your events. See you around.”-Bill the Outlaw


Hi Keula, I love what you’re doing with your networking business, you are really moving your social media page, I love the other day at your Let’s Keep it Real. FB live show you were talking about “How to speak in front of an audience” that helped me a lot. Definitively thank you. -Fred Rosa



Chivalry is a dying art. Please help restore it. My hubby is one of the dying few. Its so beautiful to return to the dining table and have him stand and pull the chair out ❣️-Sarah